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Venessa Cappadocia


Our activities began in 1997 as a Venessa Pension in Avanos Known as center of Cappadocia.I restructured three Avanos old Stone houses without damaging the structure. Houses are faithful to the essence of traditional design by restoring  and than I converted into a Pension with 10 rooms and 20 beds.

In addition, Cappadocia, both historical and natural texture like that of a three-storey underground cave systems and my city (it's a 2500 year old city and goes underground) opened for use for various purposes, faithful to the historical texture.

The first floor of cave is my wine cellar which I made every year with a traditional way as a hobby. My producted wines have been using to maintain, even after thousands of years in Cappadocia, İf I contribute to Cappadocia’s culture or maintaining  this culture is my happiness.

The second floor of cave is art gallery that I have achieved a first in Cappadocia, in this gallery I present  local culture and perception in the region. In Our Exhibitions like Paintings, Ceramics, Sculptures, and other branches I give opportunity  to  artists to open a free of charge exhibition.

The third floor is to coordinate activities in the caves of the two sections,I organized the enterance part as a museum of ethnography, in these pleace there is an exhibition of daily lives items which I collected for many years especially for  better understand the history of Avanos and  Cappadocia to visitors with  all the details.

The second part of this floor is the underground city I am protecting this pleace with not touching any properties.In this part it is avaible to reach big rooms and galleries which occur narrow tunnels long 250 meter and 11 pieces of Stone door .The aim of these structure is showing to our guest to understand how humans lives and protects themselves in ancient underground cities.

Besides  commercial identity of Venessa Pension has a cultural identity.

 ”Life is not just a spending your day ,Life is adding a value to time of living.”  act with this expression.

With its two terraces where is overlooking the cappadocia we are making a great friendly conversation about history,culture in the summer evenings not a soul  say it is  wrongfulness.

We look forward to welcoming you in your  home Cappadocia.

Mukremin Tokmak.

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