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Venessa Terrace


Venessa Terrace is in between old Avanos Cave&Stone houses overlooking the Erciyes mountain and Cappadocia region.The  old and new Avanos divided by red river and connected by suspended bridge and old Stone bridge. In the morning with rising sun between colorful sun lights and sounds of bird is the point of dancing balloons place in Venessa Terrace.

Breakfast in at first sunlights with a cool wind  and after the good nap  in the Stone Mansion you can feel the culture of cappadocia’s breakfast with a local taste and specific breakfast.Our breakfast is originally come from local people’s product so you will be fat and happy so it  is a best way to starting a day.

After visiting all the Cappadocia in a hot air conditions you can take a cool breath in Venessa Terrace.

And also with high-speed wifi at any time you can  receive news about social media or you can do small business on holiday without departing from the world.

After the great dinner you can test or drink our home made wine  with historian Mukremin Tokmak who is the expert of Cappadocia.You will be pleased with a talk about cappadocian history and culture.


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